Investor relations

An open dialogue.

NextGenTel’s investor relations policy is to offer information to the market relating to NextGenTel’s goals, performance and outlook through an open dialogue with the company’s stakeholders. This includes shareholders, investors, and analysts. Information will be provided through open presentations, press releases, and NextGenTel’s web pages.

The supply of information is intended to reduce company specific risks, thus helping to better ensure a better understanding of NextGenTel’s current and expected future situation, hence contribute to a correct pricing of the stock.


377,000 customers in total

(Customer figures last updated as per Q4/16)

Norway consumer

Broadband 123,100

VoIP 53,000

Mobile 40,200

TV 16,700

Norway business

Internet 17,900

VoIP 10,500

Mobile 16,400

International markets

Netherlands 82,100

Denmark 11,800

Switzerland 5,000

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