2. Operations

The objective of the company is stated in the Articles of Association to be as follows:

“The company’s business is to develop and sell IP based telephony solutions, render consultancy services, and participate in other activities.” It is the board of directors’ view that the company’s business is clearly stated in the Articles of Association, that the company, within the objectives stated in the Articles of Association, has distinct goals and strategies for its business. The company’s goals and principal strategies are discussed in the board of directors’ report.

260,500 customers in total

(Customer figures last updated as per Q2/18)

Norway consumer

Broadband 104,000

VoIP 34,000

TV 18,000

Norway business

Internet 14,000

VoIP 8,000

Mobile 16,000

International markets

Netherlands 55,000

Denmark 9,000

Switzerland 4,000

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